Thursday, March 17, 2011

I'm full up my heart

 Ludivine Poiblanc, for Vogue Nippon in June 2008

Happy birthday my beloved. 



So, you guys out there have already heard what happen out there in Japan, one major hit - Tsunami & Earthquake. Many lives taken away, families broken, loved ones lost, people surviving the storm. 
My heart's with you. 
Hope you guys stay strong, I know these words can't help much but a little comfort for you. This crisis will be over. 
"There is peace and rest and comfort in sorrow."

I've had a fruitful weekend and days following. Spending my Saturday at Mint Musuem for drinks and birthday celebration for my favourite love. Following the Men's Fashion Week Preview Party, my very first. It was an experience definitely. I wore this blue dress. I first got it and it looked too pajama on me because it was long and draggy I would say. So I snipped off the front part thinking it would look better showing off some legs and it definitely worked better on me now, another dress not to waste. 
It's almost the end of the week. I'm fighting each day for my assignments. Also, trying to make my workspace a better place to work in, however I have too much crap going on here. I need book shelves for my magazines. It's everywhere. 
Now, I'm off. Be back soon. 
I'll sneak peek some of my team shoot for our project maybe soon. 

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