Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just another day

3 more minutes to Tuesday.
Today was supposedly a "special" day, Valentine's day.
I had seen outrageous gifts from the boyfriends on the streets, it was too much guys. ( Like a huge bear bigger than their girlfriend)
So I had editorial class today which required me to take a picture of something and write a personal narrative on it. 
And since it was Valentine's day, my group mates and I decided to find a rose for it. Those girls were cynical, a little bit of "hatred", like rubbing salt in their wound today.
and well, as for me, Valentine's Day is just another day, isn't it?
And my boyfriend fell sick today. I pray he gets well soon!

This was what I wrote. -
“Roses are red, violets are blue, never give it to me, because I never fancy it”
I have seen a couple on the street, with the guy holding a bouquet of flowers for the lady.
In my heart, I muttered: “ Ohhh… That’s a big of him to carry this huge bouquet on the street.”
I have also seen a guy holding a stalk of rose, wandering around, and looking like he’s waiting on a date.
I was observing from afar, but I could as though see his heart-pounding- thump, thump, thump.

Time and time I ponder on the meaning of a rose. When someone presents a rose to his or her loved ones or someone they fancy or just a friend, does it mean love? Real rose wither and die, so when I receive a rose, I feel loved and when it dies, the love is dead? On the other hand, when receiving a fake rose, does it mean I am not real towards the receiver?

It’s Valentine’s Day today, the 14th of February. To me, it is just another day. I do not know why couples get so much of emotion and love out of it. Anniversaries are much more sacred isn’t it? Well, that’s my preference. And the singlehood guys out there are filled with hatred. Those who never knew what is “love”? , Those who just got out of a painful relationship, to have to hold up that misery and walk through the smiles and couples’ hand holding tight of each other.

I have a boyfriend myself, I remembered how I told him when we went for the first date, that “I do not like roses, flowers, any sort of that.”
And I recalled him giving me a stalk of rose on our first month, it was pink and had smooth touching petal, so sweet and calming but it withered and died in a week, I could relive how I felt at that point when I saw that dried up rose, a sense of pain? And regrets.

Maybe this is why I never fancy roses.



Minutes tick by, I find myself getting way awake than daylight.
I hope for a good week! So to you guys!

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