Monday, February 7, 2011

All the season of joy

Giving life,
 On the first day of the lunar new year. 

Aging Hershey, he's too adorable! 

So Day one of the new year didn't started out well, i was having a wardrobe crisis/ nothing I put on myself looked good. I threw a shorts a new shirt and bam. And I hoped the next day would be better. 

Lunar new year day 2.

My supposedly lookbook post but it's taking ages to load! 
Day two was better, I had my quarts dress cut short and collar snipped off! 

Lunar new year day three

Massive amount of photographs and fun over the weekend with the greatest people!
I just wished it didn't end. 
Back to school tomorrow and I just spent my entire evening on lookbook and pictures.
I also celebrated my 17th months with my beloved boyfriend. I love him to bittttts!
Alright now, back to reality, back to work, joy's still in me!
Be back again! 

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