Monday, May 30, 2011


My new found magazine, Tank
Tank is first published in 1998, known to be informed, articulate & original. Indeed standing on their ground strong. I chanced upon it today at Kino, was just flipping & their features in it just totally caught me off. This issue they focused on contemporary art of China. It's beautiful, inspiring. Photography being unconventional. It is something to be said different in different points of view in the humans eye. The last picture was presented to be in the term of photography: "noisy." If people were to see it they will think it's unprofessional or what not. To me, it's beauty of the eye. 
Tank is fresh & have totally native concepts. I could learn something out of this, to be prepared for my next year in school. I love how the digging dip of history in China.
 & i am thinking I should totally start hunting down different types of magazines and feature them on my blog. 
xx fabulous, unique. 

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