Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mind over body

I thought I was handling this whole assessment thing well. Today I woke up panicking. Supposedly dinner with love's family,  I backed out to get work done.
Hours later, I am at the same spot with 0 progress.
The past few days was great. I think it's the name of Sunday, just living it.

So motherfuckin good weather these days. I love it.
It's like drizzling in the wee morning hours.

k, wednesday do come soon. 
I have a list of to do's:
First up, signing up for driving. 
because every time my dad calls, he will def say this, EVERY SINGLE TIME! " have you got your license already?!" hahahahah

eh. my wishlist. Im never a fan of vehicles. I know no shit.
I want this beast. Fuck yeh.


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