Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Tonight got me down.

I know I shouldn't be here right now. 
I'm feeling kind of, a feeling kind of indescribable. Maybe a sort of emptiness? 
At the rate i'm going now, I will go down. 

Watching my mum playing dress up. I'm not even in the mood to give her my opinion.
Sorry mum, I'm just kind of down right now.

This feeling is so familiar. Guess its this time, the feeling that never leave for good. The feeling that comes back to me. The feeling that gets me not want to talk to anyone, even those closest to me, because I don't know what's wrong? This time I just want to write. on this space. 

It's raining inside, someone shelter me please?
I need someone here 

I've been feeding my shoe craze lately, which gets me real happy. but not right now.

In need of cigarettes now, please?

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