Monday, August 23, 2010

Beautiful Shots that make your heart go - WHOO WHOO!

Note this: It's a swimsuit editorial.
However, it is put in the unusual way at least. Not the norm swimsuit shot at the beach whatsoever.
The whole idea is the wearer of the swimsuit marrying jackets or skirt. 
Something fresh off the box, but according to the writer. He's not the first having this idea.
But I'm pretty sure, these photos are flawless! & having it black and white just makes it look even more challenging to the eye. It totally speaks to you right. My heart melted.
Great photos

Naomi, Iskra & Shirlene by She is Frank : Fan the Fire

Harper's Bazaar Arabia Shoot
"Princess in Persia"

Prepping for my shoot for my assignment. Seriously, this photos are so inspiring!

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