Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hiding under the hat


Counter lady: Choice of cookie?
Me: mmm... double chocolate ( taking the display piece of cookie at the counter figuring how it would be )
Counter lady: That's just for display
Me: Oh (hides away)

I dislike how I get uncomfortable with something that seems foreign to me. & then my bf will go asking are you okay? Why are you lost? 
I always tell myself I am not hahaha. 
Spotlight for shopping for that curtain string I've been thinking of awhile ago.
It'd be great for an accessory! I love chunky stuff. 
Looking at that rack full of that curtain string but none a colour that I fancy. Thought I'd settle for navy blue. We headed over to the counter. My bf " oh! Champagne! " I flocked over. 
Now i cant wait to wear it out the next time. (:

I'm gonna go figure out and make my blog look better. 
Feel free to drop me comment on how I can actually improve it. Or how you guys actually feel about this current one. 

Much love, Have a good day!xx

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