Monday, June 21, 2010

He(S) & She

Yet Another Summertime in here. 
The boyfriend, my poor army bounded Aaron and I went place hopping that caused us a huge amount of time wasted waiting. Definitely caused me grumpy. 
We started our day off early, hoping we'd get more stuff done, because that's the only time we had before Aaron gets on back to camp. oh yeh, indeed, we did! Did new stuff, waited, went to old places, did coffee, did shopping, went up and down to places. 
Too much laughters and love.

On A; top from Editor's market, outer wear from H&M, Pants from Rockstar, Shoes from Doc Martens

On N my boyfriend; Top from Bangkok Market, Outerwear from Corner Shop, Pants from Bangkok Boutique Shop, Sandals from Pedro Men

i have a truck underneath me
On me; Top & Shorts from Editors Market, Pumps from Online Store, Bag from Bkk Market

The guys. They look so good together! 

Can't wait for this weekend to see Aaron and spend time kicking in some fun!
xx Pris

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