Monday, December 21, 2009

Victorian Stud Blinks

AUGUST - December 2009

Interview with Gaspard Yurkievich :

Describe the trends for Spring-Summer 2010.
There are two trends. There is an ultra-structured trend and a very deconstructed trend. I've tried to work a lot on deconstructed and flowing looks. I wanted to go in the oppsite direction from the shell like and very clone aspect of the shows in Paris. Therefore, we have a collection structured by fabric, shape, and cut but, in the show, we really wanted people to appropriate it. We wanted to create characters. Each model had her own personality with her outfit and, in the end, you had something coherent. We're heading towards something a little bit more lively and less a dictate of an ultra-structured, ultra-shell-like silhouette or the escalation of the elboration on a piece of clothing that's exorbitantly priced.

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